Thursday, May 1, 2008

Velcro Alternative

I was going around the R2 Blogs one day and while looking at Chris' I saw the reference about Velcro. In my travels at my previous job I had to find ways of mounting object to places, like the printer station that was basically a pole. This printer needed to be on the network, so I printer server was used. The problem was where to put the printer server. Well I found these little items called Superlock Fasteners at Radio Shack (#m's Dual Lock). I tried them out and they held. I was able to attach the printer server to the side of the printer.

Well I have always used these things when ever I thought about Velcro. If I bought something and it came with Velcro, it was replaced with the Superlocks.

Here is a link that explains a little bit about this product.

Another good link.

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