Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Archnemisis

Well my ambitious plans to have the feet and legs 98% done over the weekend went down in flames, as real life stepped in. I did get to play around with my new LEDs for the Holoprojectors some though.

Some things I did get done over the weekend:
1) enlarged the holes on 1 foot shell to allow the KHFings to fit with the foot strip in the correct position.

2) I started cutting some more of 1 leg to figure out how to install the under the shoulder details.

3) I took on my archnemisis... the top ring of the frame.

For my Large Data Ports to fit, I have to cut back the top ring's slot about a 1/4". This piece has gone through a couple fo cutting disks without and head way. Well I started cutting perpendicular slots for about 1" along the area to be cut. I then dremeled down until at least this area was cut off. Now that I had a little area to work with, the recip saw came out and took care of the rest of the ring.

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